That’s why when moms leave them momentarily, whether it is at the cradle, with a relative or at a day care, they start to cry uncontrollably out of fear because they don’t know how long they’ll be gone and that makes them feel vulnerable. This is very common during the first months when moms spend most of the time with them. And while it’s a developmental milestone, it is undoubtedly heartbreaking for both babies and moms.

Even before babies can see, they can recognize their mom's smell. It is scientifically proven that mom's smell soothes the baby, making them feel secure and loved. That's why pediatricians recommend mom's to leave a blanket or a worn t-shirt that smells like her to calm their newborns separation anxiety.

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A sleepshirt collection for moms to wear at night-time that folds into a stuffed animal with her soothing smell to give it to their babies during daytime, while they’re away. This helps the child to feel as close to their moms as possible by giving them an item of clothing that smells like her disguised as a toy to hug. The Pelushirts® have pockets on the front of the sleepshirt that hides the adorable characters inside. That way, when moms take off their nightwear in the morning, they can fold it and put it through the central pocket to stuff the characters and keep their soothing smell inside. The Pelushirts® were endorsed by pediatricians as a comfortable prescription to calm separation anxiety in babies by combining science and cuteness.


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