The Eye Tracker


de la Cruz in alliance with SuperMax created The Eye Tracker, a real-time 3D hurricane tracking and storm preparedness tool. The platform will calculate all the necessary items needed to face the storm and its aftermath based on your family composition, and order those items through SuperMax Online.

The project


Although Puerto Rico is located at the most active hurricane zone in the world and every year millions of people are threatened by them, there’s a storm before the storm at the grocery stores where panic buying and overstocking leave too many without the opportunity to get essential items.


In partnership with The National Hurricane Center, SuperMax created a tool called THE EYE TRACKER, a digital platform designed to reduce panic buying and overspending prior to a hurricane that uses the data from the NHC's satellites to recommend the amount of essential supplies you will need based on your household composition. THE EYE TRACKER also innovated in the way we always visualized hurricanes by creating the first ever street view experience of the path zone for people to prepare adequately with all the necessary information


Cannes Lions 2022

Cannes Lions 2022 /GOLD / MOBILE/ Mobile Technology / ECommerce
Cannes Lions 2022 / BRONZE / CREATIVE COMMERCE / User Experience / Holistic Journey Design
Cannes Lions 2022 / BRONZE / MOBILE / Mobile Websites / Brand-led Mobile Websites
Cannes Lions 2022 / Shortlist / Brand Experience & Activation / Touchpoints &Technology / Use of Website-Microsites
Cannes Lions 2022 / Shortlist /Brand Experience & Activation  / Culture & Context /Cultural Insight
Cannes Lions 2022 / Shortlist /Direct /Digital & Social / Use of Digital Platforms
Cannes Lions 2022 / Shortlist /Media / Culture & Context / Local Bran

Ojo de Iberoamerica 2022



Ojo de Oro   Design  / Uso de data

Ojo de Oro  Design  / Experiencia del usuario

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Ojo de Plata Creative Data  / Investigación e integración de datos

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Ojo de Plata Design  / Uso de tecnología

Ojo de Plata Design  / E-Commerce

Ojo de Plata  Eficacia  / Marketing promocional

Ojo de Bronce Direct  / Uso de plataforma digital

Ojo de Bronce Experiencia  / Experiencias y activaciones

Effie Latam 2022

Effi Latam Oro / Software y aplicaciones

Effi Latam Oro / Data Driven

Effi Latam Plata / Marketing Estacional


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