Puertorican Millennials, Their Careers and Where They’ll Lead

This is the 5th post in the Millennials, a Generation of Togetherness, but Full of Contradictions series. Each week we’ll publish a new post highlighting a specific aspect of the Puerto Rican millennials’ life.


52% of millennials agreed that their level of education got them their job. Once they’ve immersed themselves in the company, most feel they’re respected and valued by peers. And while many millennials see themselves as being part of a company, others aim for new experiences and even becoming self-employed. Let’s find out more.


Millennials Feel Their Input is Valued

51% agreed that employers value their point of view and what they have to say job. Moreover, 60% agreed they have the authority to make decisions job and 55% agreed they already hold a decision-making role job. Millennials feel trusted in the workplace and that allows them to be able to make decisions. We can relate this to how millennials are both collaborative and independent.


Making a Mark and Growing

Millennials want to make a difference in various areas and stages of their life. 48% agreed the workplace is one of them. When asked if they felt they contributed to the wellbeing of the company they worked at, 47% agreed they did while 31% neither agreed or disagreed.

New experiences are very important for millennials. Add that higher salaries are their #2 reason to study and you understand the importance of growing in the workplace. However only 41% of millennials agreed they felt they had growth opportunities at their job, while 35% of them disagreed, and 25% neither agreed or disagreed. For this generation, it’s a very important aspect of the workplace and if they remain doing the same thing, they could consider leaving altogether.


Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Instability. Adventure. Uncertainty. Independence. These can be reasons to leave or stay with a current employer. We’ve continually stressed how much millennials value experiences and it’s something that applies to the workplace – like previously discussed through growth opportunities.

47% of millennials agreed they’re loyal to the company where they work and wouldn’t easily switch jobs and 33% disagree. At the same time, when presented with the statement “I don’t believe in working more than five years in the same company”, 41% agreed, 29% disagreed, and 30% were unsure. Another point where we sensed some uncertainty was in the desire for self-employment. 49% of millennials agreed one of their goals is to own a business someday, 28% didn’t see it that way, and 23% were unsure.

We weren’t surprised by these answers, especially with Puerto Rico’s current economic situation. While millennials aspire to learn, grow, and experience the world there are risks not everyone is willing or prepared to take.



Millennials’ collaborative yet independent way of being applies to the workplace. They want to share their opinion and be able to make their own decisions. Not only this, but millennials look for growth and advancement. If the opportunities for this don’t present themselves, they might consider moving to another company or starting their own business. However, there are many that are still unsure of their career’s next steps or prefer to be more conservative and remain loyal to employers.


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