Puertorican Millennials, Education is the Key to Their Future

This is the 4th post in the Millennials, a Generation of Togetherness, but Full of Contradictions series. Each week we’ll publish a new post highlighting a specific aspect of the Puerto Rican millennials’ life.


For millennials in Puerto Rico education is a priority, especially college. They wish for the opportunity to pursue higher education since it’s perceived as crucial to succeed. This generation feels more secure about their future with a degree. And as if this wasn’t a challenge already, many try to reach their academic goals while balancing work as well.


Education = Success

Education is definitely a priority for millennials. 43% always feel like they can do anything they want in life if they receive a good education, while 17% sometimes feels this way. Life lessons are also important. 63% of millennials always feel they learn something from daily life experiences.


Higher Education as a Security Measure

If they had the opportunity to study or continue studying, millennials mentioned they would like to complete a Masters Degree (57%), followed by an Undergraduate Degree (29%). Some of the reasons millennials expressed for studying are:

  • To secure their future – 83% agreed
  • To have a higher salary – 78% agreed
  • Secure a good job – 70% agreed
  • Intellectual stimulus – 66% agreed


A Balancing Act

Millennials face higher costs of living and education. They also need experience and a strong academic background to enter the workforce. So it should come to no surprise that 44% of millennials in Puerto Rico work and study at the same time. But it’s not all work and no play. When given the statement “I look for ways to have fun when I’m working or studying”, 31% of millennials answered they always felt that way and 43% answered they sometimes felt that way.



Millennials stressed the importance of working towards a college degree. This is emphasized even more when they practically equate it with the path to success, a secure future, higher salaries, and a good job. This is actually pretty different from other millennials around the world that don’t necessarily thing a college degree is the key to having success.


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