Puerto Rican Millennials: Modern #Framily

This is the 3rd post in the Millennials, a Generation of Togetherness, but Full of Contradictions series. Each week we’ll publish a new post highlighting a specific aspect of the Puerto Rican millennials’ life. 


Family – a term used to describe the people we love. Sometimes that’s mom, dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles, our spouses, children, and even friends. Let’s take a look at how millennials perceive family.


Modern vs. Traditional

For a long time, the traditional family was composed of mom, dad, and kids; 96% of millennials agreed with this. However, 81% expressed same sex parents were a kind of modern family and 62% said other family members acting as guardians were also an example of modern family.

Puerto Rican millennials were split in determining if parents who weren’t married but living together were modern or traditional with 52% leaning towards traditional and 48% expressing they were modern.

When asked about one-parent families, millennials couldn’t establish a clear difference between modern and traditional. When there was only a mother in the home, 56% said it was traditional and 44% considered it modern. Whereas when only a father was present in the home 57% perceived it as traditional and 43% as modern.


The Good, the Bad, and the Indifferent

Puerto Rican millennials agreed with some modern family views, but were more conservative with others.

The most welcome statements were “both parents working outside the home”, “people from different religions getting married”, and “interracial marriage” with 69%, 74%, and 58% of millennials expressing they were good for society, respectively. However, stay-at-home dads were not seen in a positive light with 71% of Puerto Rican millennials saying they’re bad for society.


Millennials had split opinions on same-sex couples raising kids and couples living together without getting married. 35% said same-sex parents were bad for society, while 40% said it makes no difference. Moreover, 37% said unmarried couples living together were good for society and 39% agreed it made not difference


Family Time is Top Priority

Millennials are family oriented. 47% of them said their parents are an integral part of their lives. They like to spend time with their loved ones and want the work flexibility to do so. 39% of them love when they do family activities and 42% expressed they’d love a job that leaves a lot of free time to spend with their family. However, when asked if they’d do everything for a family member, 32% answered they never felt that way and 29% that they sometimes felt that way. Doing things for family members outside the household depends on the relationship.  


Friends = Framily

They saying goes, “friends are the family you get to choose” and that’s especially correct for millennials since 49% of them expressed that their friends are the most important thing for them and 51% said they like to tell them what’s really happening in their life. Moreover, 69% expressed they usually have a good time with their friends.

We usually associate trust with the people we’re close to. Sometimes that’s family, but for millennials that usually means friends.



Millennials in Puerto Rico recognize the traditional family composition is changing; yet some still hold on to conservative views and roles, especially when it comes to same sex parents and stay at home dads. Households with a single parent or unmarried parents have been a part of Puerto Ricans’ lives, which could explain why they’re not perceived as modern.

The union of people from different religious and racial backgrounds is welcome among millennials, as well as families where both parents work outside the home.

Finally, millennials value their relationships with their parents and the time they get to spent with other household family members. Their willingness to be there for other members of their family will depend on how close the relationship is. Friends are also considered family; especially when they’re sometimes the people millennials feel more comfortable communicating with.


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