Puerto Rican Millennials, Collaboration and Independence Wrapped in One

This is the 2nd post in the Millennials, a Generation of Togetherness, but Full of Contradictions series. Each week we’ll publish a new post highlighting a specific aspect of the Puerto Rican millennials’ life. 


Millennials are very collaborative in nature; they work in groups and consider all options and opinions. However, one of this generation’s biggest contradictions is that they’re also very independent. You can tell when they’re working towards a common goal versus when they’re making their own decisions.


Collaboration for Collective Decisions, Independence for Personal Ones

Millennials separate what they do in a group from their personal decisions. When presented with the statement: “I prefer to work alone instead of being part of team”, 75% millennials expressed they never felt that way. Teamwork is key.

When provided with the statement “I like to make my own decisions”, 64% of millennials responded they always felt that way. In addition, when given the statement “My friends can’t convince me of doing something I don’t want to do”, 28% expressed they always felt this way, while 34% admitted to sometimes feeling this way. Millennials welcome other people’s opinions, but aren’t fully swayed by them.


Freedom for Myself

Millennials embrace freedom! When presented with the statement “I like to have time for myself”, 31% answered they always felt that way, while 38% sometimes did. More importantly, 55% of millennials always feel that they want to be free to do what they want, when they want. Spontaneity and the freedom to choose are key drivers for this group.



Group and individual decisions are made in very different ways, which is why millennials are collaborative and independent. They enjoy working as a group, but won’t let themselves be convinced to do something other than what they want. Freedom is very important as well, especially when it comes to how they spend their time and the activities they enjoy. Whatever they want, they want it on their own terms.


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