Instagram vs Pinterest

Fighting from the left hand corner we have the hearththrob of womankind- Pinterest, and in the right hand corner, the rebel without a cause- Instagram. Click for click, who will be the champion? The answer is neither, they’re both equal and yet very different. How can this be? Simple, even though both are visual media they function very differently, so any type of battle royal will be an uneven fight.

Here’s some info that will help you distinguish between both, and perhaps, help you decide which is best for you.

  • Instagram is used to share images & videos with other users. The main difference from Pinterest is that the images can only be uploaded from a mobile device.
  • One of its virtues is that anybody can become a “photographer” because the application provides different filters that give your photos a unique look and feel.
  • This is the perfect platform to share “lifestyle” photos of individuals, events, etc.
  • Users tend to be younger than Pinterest users.
  • Profiles can be seen  via the mobile app or on the web. (;;
  • Hashtags are used to identify the images.

  • Pinterest is considered “the new kid on the block”
  • It was created so that users can store any image they find on the web in one place. These images are called “pins”.
  • It’s officially a Social Bookmarking Site.
  • Its main use is to share recipes, DIY projects and fashion pictures, among others
  • It’s most popular among women


Now, which is best for you? If you ask me, I’d have to recommend Instagram because I use it more. But Pinterest is great for storing and sharing things I find on the web. I guess it all boils down to preferences.

by Desiree Texidor

Social Media Manager of KIS



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